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Tips On Improving Radio Reception

In the early days of radio, listeners had to place a sheet of aluminum in front of the radio to block out interference. Today, we have digital radios free from interference, but they can still be affected by other electrical devices in your home. Trees and buildings can also affect how clear the signal is. In this article, we’re going to talk about some simple steps on how to improve reception in your home

● Make Sure Your TV’s Antenna is Properly Positioned

If the reception is still poor, there may be a problem with your antenna and reception equipment. Try repositioning your antenna to optimize its ability to receive the signal. Move your antenna away from other electronic devices (televisions, VCRs, stereos, and computers) that could interfere with the signal. Occasionally clean the VHF and UHF elements to remove dust and dirt affecting signal transmission.

To improve reception in areas with multipath distortion (where the signal is reflected off buildings, mountains, and other structures), install a multidirectional antenna. You can also install an outdoor antenna on a mast over 10 feet tall. To avoid interference from fluorescent lights, RF equipment, computers, or motors, try installing the mast at least 6 feet from these devices.

Bonus tip: Make sure you have a DTV-ready television with a digital tuner, like a converter box or digital TV with a built-in digital tuner. If you don’t have one, you can get one for free at any RadioShack.

● Get an Antenna Amplifier

Get ready, get set, and get an antenna amplifier. The days of fuzzy radio reception are over when you install this simple, inexpensive gadget.

The average radio antenna is only half to two-thirds as strong as it should be to deliver the maximum amount of clear, powerful sound. The solution? Find the location in your home with the best radio reception and install an antenna amplifier there.

● Invest in a quality antenna

You might not know it, but you probably already have some antennae in your home. When you bought that TV, chances are it came with an inbuilt-in digital converter box. That box has an antenna inside of it. Although the antennas that come with televisions aren’t usually of the most excellent quality, they might be all you need to get a signal from the television station in your area. However, if you’re still trying to pick up radio stations, you could try getting a better-quality separate radio antenna to see if that improves reception.

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● Replace your coaxial cable

Did you know that over time and after continued use, a coaxial cable can gradually become oxidized, causing it to lose its reception? The oxidation of your cable can create so much interference that you will experience a poor signal and interrupted audio and video.

Removing the oxidation and treating the coaxial cable can improve your overall signal, ensuring you can enjoy that Ultimate Fighting Championship bout without hiccups. No need for the DVR either!

If the coaxial cable has oxidation, it might be time for an upgrade! Change out your cable for one that has a better finish, like gold plated or high-quality, black PVC jacket.

● Check your splitters

For example, splitters are used in older homes with multiple televisions. If your home is over 10 years old, look at the cables and splitters connecting your television to your cable box. Ensure they are positioned and routed correctly, so all signals get to the television.

● Try a different location for your TV. 

If you have a large, metal-lined house or one with concrete or brick walls, consider moving your television to a location on an upper floor with thinner walls. This might help improve reception and reduce interference.

Important: Run a channel scan on your TV after making these adjustments (if you’re using a TV with such a feature). If nothing happens after these adjustments are made, it’s probably time to consider an alternative solution such as satellite or cable televisioa (but if you’re already set up for cable or satellite, there’s no need to change)

Final words

These simple steps may help you improve your reception for both AM and FM stations, especially in areas where signal strength is weak due to a distance from a broadcast tower or interference from surrounding structures or terrain. If you’ve tried all or some of these tips and you’re still having problems, try learning more about your area’s broadcast towers.

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