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What is HubSpot? Marketing Sales and Services

You’ve likely heard of HubSpot if you’re even remotely interested in inbound marketing. They are a market leader in digital marketing, and their blogs, videos, and certification courses are popular. While you may be familiar with HubSpot, the company, you may be less familiar with HubSpot, the software.

There is a great deal of industry jargon used, and to be fair, HubSpot is a massive platform; it’s difficult to summarize all of its features in a single phrase. Because we utilize it daily, we thought we’d take a stab at explaining what HubSpot is used for.

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a market-leading customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, sales, and customer service software company with a straightforward mission: to assist businesses in increasing revenue and growing more effectively. HubSpot provides a comprehensive set of resources to accomplish this, including the following five primary products or Hubs:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • CMS (Content Management System)

HubSpot Operations and Tools

HubSpot’s numerous tools and marketing services that serve as the foundation for these Hubs are free and fully functional. Businesses can receive significant benefits from them in their day-to-day operations without ever paying for them. Among these accessible technologies are the following:

  • CRM

  • Email marketing

  • Ads management

  • Form creation

  • Landing pages

  • Web analytics tracking

  • Chatbots

  • Customer support

These sales, customer service, and inbound marketing technologies integrate with various prominent web tools and customer relationship management systems, including Zendesk, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This simplifies the process of using HubSpot in your business, regardless of the software package already in use.

The Background of HubSpot

To fully grasp how HubSpot operates, it’s necessary to understand its origins. HubSpot began in 2005 as a marketing resource. They used to provide tools and information to assist businesses in getting started with inbound marketing. We’re not going to delve too far into inbound marketing, which HubSpot essentially pioneered.

HubSpot’s mission is to assist businesses in marketing more effectively. To do this, they created a cloud-based platform that could hold all of a business’s digital marketing operations. Everything from blogging to social media posting to email marketing has been consolidated into a single platform accessible from anywhere. Thus, any marketer within an organization may leverage HubSpot’s capabilities to nurture quality leads until they are passed to the sales team. When a lead is ready to convert, they are quickly transferred to the sales team, resulting in a simple, seamless experience that assists businesses in converting warm leads into delighted customers.

However, this is only the beginning of what the HubSpot program can do. Years later, HubSpot offers that same software in the form of a free CRM, as well as specialized tools for sales, marketing, and customer service departments, all of which seamlessly connect to help your business thrive. If you think that still sounds excessive, you’re correct.

How Does HubSpot Work?

HubSpot operates by connecting to an organization’s website and attracting, engaging, and delighting prospects and customers using the several tools in its Hubs. This is performed primarily by optimizing website content, increasing traffic to the website, converting the traffic to leads, nurturing the leads to become customers, and giving excellent customer service. HubSpot’s architecture is cloud-based, enabling users to use the platform from anywhere on the earth just by logging in.

The HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

As stated above, HubSpot began with a single CRM system. It’s a platform that enables businesses to manage their contacts centers and keep track of every interaction with each contact. HubSpot initially built its CRM with marketers in mind. It enabled marketers to manage all of their prospects, nurture them according to their buyer profile and particular pain points, and easily pass them on to the sales team.

Today, the HubSpot CRM remains an integral part of HubSpot’s platform – it’s simply a little bit more robust. Rather than focusing exclusively on marketing, HubSpot’s existing CRM is utilized to assist all customer-facing teams within a business, from marketing to sales to customer service.

HubSpot’s CRM may serve as a hub for all of the company’s other marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities. Each company contact and lead is stored in the CRM. Each department can view leads there and use any additional tools their department provides to strengthen the relationship between the lead and the organization. HubSpot CRM is entirely free for everyone to use in perpetuity. It has no expiration date and is perpetual.

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Key features of the HubSpot CRM Includes the Following

  • Unlimited Users: Access to your company’s CRM is granted to your whole crew. There is no restriction.
  • You can save up to 1 million contacts and companies on the free platform.
  • HubSpot will keep track of all of your interactions and records with each of those connections.
  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook so that your team’s discussions with leads and clients are saved, and their workday is not disrupted.
  • Scheduling of Emails for newsletters and email marketing campaigns.
  • Team Email to ensure that everyone is on the same page and pursuing the same objectives.
  • Live Chat for Your Website so you can continue capturing leads even after business hours.
  • Deals, Tasks, Ticketing, and Prospects enable you to check each prospect’s status and create tickets for any clients who may have a query.

The HubSpot CRM is one of the most sophisticated free platforms available. It includes a plethora of options that you may use to attract qualified potential leads and improve your relationship with existing clients. The remainder of HubSpot’s software is built on top of this free CRM.

The HubSpot Marketing

The Marketing Hub enables you to increase web traffic and convert leads without the need for pricey engineers easily and quickly. This is an all-in-one marketing solution for increasing, tracking, and closing online traffic to convert new visitors into prospective clients.

Key Features of HubSpot Marketing

The Marketing Hub offers marketers all of the tools they need to run successful inbound marketing campaigns. A blog, ABM tools, SEO optimization, CTA buttons, comprehensive email reporting, omnichannel automation, mobile optimization, A/B testing, and collaboration tools are just a few of the features available. Email templates and site content may be created using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, and chatbots can then be launched on any device. Additionally, the Marketing Hub assists you in directing visitors to web pages via SEO recommendations, social media marketing, and online advertising.

Tools in the HubSpot Marketing Hub are the following

  • Tools for blogging and content production
  • Organization and scheduling of social media
  • Calls-To-Action that track click-through rates, impressions, and other critical KPIs.
  • Mobile optimization of all types of content, from emails to blogs
  • Create landing pages that integrate smoothly with your website and measure and optimize performance using HubSpot’s sophisticated stats.
  • Goal-Based Nurturing that enables your marketing team can establish precise goals based on buyer persona research and past performance and configure the HubSpot Marketing Hub to assist in nurturing leads toward those objectives.
  • A/B Testing to ensure that your website and inbound marketing initiatives perform optimally.

HubSpot Sales Hub

The Sales Hub is meant to provide a consistent customer experience across your organization’s touchpoints. To accomplish this, the Sales Hub gathers detailed information about each transaction and organizes it in an easily accessible area. Each member of your team has access to different portions of this information based on the permissions they have been granted. This solution enables your team to provide a greater level of service during each customer engagement and, as a result, close more deals by expediting the sales process.

Features of HubSpot Sales Hub

Automated outreach capabilities with individualized follow-up emails are included in the Sales Hub. Additionally, team members may use the Hub to develop and share email templates and track their success. When prospective buyers open an email or click on a link/attachment, team members receive immediate notification. This provides your sales staff with information about which prospects or customers to contact and when.

  • Among the tools available through the HubSpot Sales Hub are the following:
  • Automated email workflows for nurturing eligible leads
  • Email Tracking and Notifications services When a client opens an email or visits your website, your sales team is notified.
  • Scheduling Meetings Eliminate the inconvenient back and forth scheduling, resulting in a lead loss. Rather than that, allow prospective clients to schedule meetings at times that are convenient for them.
  • Dashboard reporting so your team can see the impact of their efforts, and you can see who is selling well and why.
  • Multiple deal pipelines not all leads are identical. Allow sales teams to easily tailor their services to the particular demands of each buyer, as well as design and track various sales processes with multiple pipelines.

HubSpot Service Hub

The HubSpot Service Hub includes customer service tools that can help your small business provide a better overall client experience. What makes customer service so critical? Approximately 89 percent of consumers will return to your brand following a positive customer service experience. Meanwhile, about half of consumers will cancel a transaction and go to a competitor following a negative customer service encounter. With an increased level of service and client satisfaction, HubSpot’s Service Hub will help you better attract and keep customers. Additionally, by understanding where each customer is in their life cycle, your team can boost customer lifetime value.

Key Features of HubSpot Services

With ticketing, a knowledge base, live chat tools, one-to-one emails, a VOIP tool, video hosting, and automation capabilities, the HubSpot Service Hub streamlines client contacts. Additionally, the Service Hub’s built-in reporting tools, metrics reports based on client goals, and feedback surveys can assist you in optimizing your campaigns. Make the most of these tools to please your consumers and grow your business.

1. Key Tools Offered by HubSpot Sales

  • Customers and clients receive assistance when and when they need it with live chat and conversational bots. No need to wait for business hours; resolve issues immediately.
  • Email Templates that allows you to Contact clients you haven’t heard from in a while or request service evaluations using simple email templates to format, send, and track.
  • Canned Snippets make you able to know those queries you get daily. Automatically return the ideal response using prefabricated snippets.

2. Customer Service and Feedback

  • Retrieve all of the information in your database about each client, so your service staff knows whom that client has spoken with and about what, allowing them to arrive at the correct answer swiftly.
  • Easily organize tickets according to the subject of a client question
  • Automation of Customer Service

HubSpot Content Management System (CMS)

HubSpot CMS Hub enables businesses and marketing agencies to develop and manage their websites quickly. Web developers adore HubSpot universal themes, while marketers adore drag-and-drop editor, enabling them to create or modify web pages quickly and effectively. If you want to construct or migrate a comprehensive company website optimized for inbound traffic and simple to maintain, the CMS Hub is for you. Someone only has 0.05 seconds to form an opinion of your website, so make it a positive one.

Features of HubSpot CMS

The HubSpot CMS Hub (content management systems) enables developers to incorporate advanced code into websites while remaining intuitive and straightforward to use for marketers of all skill levels. The drag-and-drop editor, form generation, a blog, website, and landing pages, a design manager for custom template and style creation, a website theme marketplace, custom domains, and advanced site navigation menus are just a few of the features. Choose the CMS Hub for a content management system (CMS) that developers and marketers appreciate.

Conclusive Remarks

The HubSpot Growth Suite is a bundled collection of HubSpot’s services. If your business can benefit from all three of the Hubs mentioned above, the Growth Suite is ideal. You’ll get all three hubs’ benefits for slightly more than the price of one.

The Growth Suite from HubSpot is best suited for businesses already familiar with inbound marketing or have made a serious effort to transition to inbound marketing. Since it encompasses all services and is built on the top of HubSpot’s CRM, the HubSpot Growth Suite platform is the optimal method to focus your whole team behind a single growth objective.

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