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15 Hacks to Accelerate Your Crypto Projects

People are participating in cryptocurrency more and more everyday. If we are completely honest with ourselves, the prospect of standing out in a crowded market where only a limited number of investors might be interested in your project can feel overwhelming. This is also true for newly established businesses. Now that we’re here, I’d like to share some of the best growth marketing strategies and hacks our team uses for crypto projects. These are all strategies and tactics that are either low-cost or free, and you can start using them right away.

Growth Marketing Hacks For Crypto Projects

Your Crypto Projects

Twitter Communities: If you already have an established community or even if you are starting out with a small team, you can game the tweet reach algorithm by creating a private Twitter community to distribute important news as quickly as possible for retweeting and hearting. It accomplishes this by deceiving Twitter into believing that your post has the potential to go viral, thereby keeping users on the platform and allowing Twitter to sell more advertisements.

Twitter Hashtag Strategy: If you share curated content on your social accounts, be sure to tag the original author, the publication where the content was found, and include the publication’s brand hashtags. It won’t make a difference if they retweet or follow you back; your social account will still get more exposure either way. This strategy is all about getting more relevant eyeballs on your content and expanding your audience by promoting the work of others in your specialised field.

LinkedIn Work Circle: Unfortunately, Linkedin has a blacklist ban that prohibits advertisers for using Crypto Projects. Even though this is only a minor setback, we can still increase the number of people who see our posts by using a few native tools to game their algorithm. LinkedIn Work Circles are best utilized by team members and staff only, despite being very similar to Twitter Communities.

LinkedIn Engagement Groups: Compared to users of other social media platforms, LinkedIn users enjoy several distinct advantages. Fake user accounts are significantly less common and much simpler to identify. However, there are also professionals on LinkedIn who are significantly less likely to be exposed to encrypted messaging than users of other platforms. Everyone can benefit from increasing the reach of their posts by participating in engagement groups or pods that are centered around blockchain.

Reddit Cros Posting: It is common knowledge that hedge fund managers and other high-risk investors adore Reddit. However, Reddit has developed cunning strategies to manipulate its platform. The practice of purchasing upvotes is not as effective as it once was. Because most users have not yet mastered their full potential, cross-posting your content to other relevant communities can help the Reddit algorithm favor your contributions. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), this will assist in ranking multiple times in the search results.

Reddit Groups: Use these like Facebook group conversations or LinkedIn Circle for your Reddit article or post submissions so that other members or contributors know to interact as soon as possible to gain higher post reach in subreddits. Reddit Groups are similar to LinkedIn Circles and Twitter Communities. There is a lot of overlap between Twitter Communities and LinkedIn Circles.

Make an unbranded subreddit that is relevant to your specialised field of study and post relevant content there. This helps attract the attention of new and relevant audiences who might not be familiar with your Crypto Projects just yet.

Participation in multiple social networks: You need a single social media account that is branded to set up your official messages and to maintain the consistency of your branding. But maintaining several unofficial social accounts that appear to have no connection to one another and that actively engage users and share your official news will assist in increasing the algorithm’s reach and providing initial social proof to encourage click-throughs. Going a step further, you should create investor personas and base the design of your accounts on those. Facebook Ad Campaigns and User Personas Create your investor persona on Facebook by liking pages that you anticipate your own investor personas will also like.

This will allow you to develop your investor persona. You will start to see connections that may not have been obvious at first for your project after a few days have passed and after you have provided their algorithm with sufficient data points (such as fan pages, demographic and psychographic information, and so on). Facebook will not only assist you in the creation of your avatar at no cost, but it will also complete the necessary manual labor on its own.

If you haven’t started uploading videos to your YouTube channel yet, you should get that set up as soon as possible. Ensure you’re following Youtube SEO best practices such as tags, uploading subtitles, captions or thumbnails, etc.

Advertisements on YouTube: Not everyone has the privilege of advertising opportunities, but if you do, here are some pointers to help you maximize your earnings. Check to see that your retargeting tag is configured appropriately. Re-marketing is a significantly more cost-effective strategy than searching for new buyers or investors. Do not pay attention to all of the recommendations that Google Ad makes; the company benefits financially when you waste money working with them. Before you begin driving any traffic, you should check that your video advertisement has both an end screen and appropriate CTA cards, and that you have SEO’d them.

Use Video Ads and SEO: Video has been on our radar for some time now as a potential game-changer when it comes to growth marketing. Now, the likelihood of a web page ranking significantly higher is significantly increased when it contains an embedded video as opposed to when it does not contain a video. Don’t ignore video marketing just because you think it’s too expensive; the cost of online video marketing is dropping every day.

Medium Posts: It’s definitely a good idea for Crypto Projects to do this, but not everyone may understand why. The reason for this is that the website that Medium uses has a very high domain authority, which makes it simple to rank on page one of Google Search Results for your articles and regular project updates.

Publications and syndication: Not only is it wise to post on Medium, but if you consider yourself a “good” writer, you should consider becoming a contributor to a publication that is widely read in your specialized field. Due to the fact that I work in technology, Now, since you are reading this, it’s possible that you would be a good fit as well. Just remember not to brag too much about yourself and focus on topics other people will be interested in reading about.

Finlay: As soon as you publish a blog post or video post, make it a point to backlink to it so that some of the SEO authoritative juice is referring to your content. It’s estimated that around 90% of all content on the internet does not have a single backlink. Instapaper is an excellent free tool that you can continue to use frequently.

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