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How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming PC or Laptop?

Putting together a well-balanced gaming rig is no easy endeavor, especially if you’re new to the process and must consider the finer nuances that go beyond the fundamentals.  It’s easy to understand why this could confuse some individuals, given the wide range of memory requirements among different games and the prevalence of general misconceptions about RAM (Random Access Memory) settings.

Therefore, how much RAM is required for gaming laptop or PC in 2022? Are there any other elements to consider? Read on to discover!

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory is the hardware in a computer where the operating system (OS), application programs, and data in use are stored   them rapidly. RAM is the computer’s primary memory. It may be read and written much more quickly than other types of storage, such as a hard disc drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), or optical drive.

Memory with Random Access is volatile. This means that data is stored in Random Access Memory while the computer is active but is lost when the computer is shut down. The operating system and other information are typically reloaded into RAM from an HDD or SSD when a computer reboots.

Some Common RAM Configurations

16 GB is the current norm for mid-range gaming memory. Currently, no game requires more than 16 GB of RAM to function properly, making his configuration perfect for most gaming computers.

Then, on the upper end, 32 GB is often reserved for enthusiast-grade gaming PCs and nonștiintifically designed gaming PCs. This amount of Random Access Memory is simply excessive if you intend to use the computer primarily for gaming.

Of course, RAM is not limited to 32 GB, and conventional motherboards can often support up to 64 or 128 GB, with some large form factor boards supporting up to 256 GB. It is no surprise that such high-capacity setups are only truly required in workstations and servers; having such a large amount of RAM on a standard desktop PC serves little purpose.

PCs with 4 GB of RAM (and in some strange circumstances, even less) are not yet dead; thus, 8 GB is not the lower limit either. However, computers with so little RAM cannot operate even the least demanding 3D game.

Different types of RAM

types of ram

1. Dynamic Random Access Memory

Typically, a computer’s RAM is included in Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), which, as previously said, requires power to preserve data.

A charge or lack of charge is stored in an electrical capacitor for each DRAM cell. This data must be continuously updated with an electrical charge every few milliseconds to correct for capacitor leaks. A transistor acts as a gate to determine whether the value of a capacitor can be read or written.

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2. Static Random Access Memory

Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) also requires constant power to retain data, but unlike DRAM, it does not need to be continually refreshed.

In SRAM, the transistor functions as a switch, with one position representing 1 and the other representing 0. Unlike dynamic RAM, which only requires one transistor per bit, static RAM requires several transistors to store a single bit of data. As a result, SRAM chips are significantly bigger and more powerful than DRAM chips of comparable capacity.

SRAM is substantially more efficient and speedier than DRAM. Due to price and speed disparities, static RAM is mostly utilized as cache memory within a computer’s processor.

Feature of RAM

RAM’s instability prevents it from storing lasting data. RAM is analogous to a person’s short-term memory, whereas a hard disc drive is analogous to their long-term memory. Short-term memory focuses on urgent tasks, but it can only retain a limited number of facts at once. When a person’s short-term memory is full, data stored in the brain’s long-term memory can be used to refresh it.

Similarly, a computer operates in this manner. If RAM is full, the CPU must frequently access the hard drive to write new data over the old data in RAM. This procedure slows down the computer’s performance.

How Much RAM Do You Need?

We believe that 16 GB is the ultimate sweet spot for gaming RAM in 2022. It gives you all the RAM you need to run the newest games without a hitch while also being inexpensive and ensuring you won’t have to update soon.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble fitting your build into your budget, opting for 8 GB of RAM may be a decent idea, especially because you can always upgrade simply in the future. In addition, if the games you want to play do not demand more than 8 GB of RAM, you might as well save money and invest it in something more worthwhile!

32 GB is also a realistic option if you have the funds and want to future-proof your system or if you want to utilize the computer for memory-intensive jobs such as game programming or video editing. Otherwise, buying such high-capacity gear makes little sense.


If you wish to update the memory in your computer or build your computer, you must check that the memory you purchase is compatible with the computer’s other components. Before considering speed and other advantages, selecting the proper memory technology is necessary.

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