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QuickBooks Found mistakes while parsing furnished XML text stream

QuickBooks found mistakes while parsing the provided XML textual content circulation. If ESC is attached to QuickBooks using the direct join approach, the mistake will arise in the ESC consumer. If ESC is connected to QuickBooks thru the ESC Accounting Server, the error will seem in that program instead, and ESC will hold.

Cause of QuickBooks Errors

This mistake may be caused by illegal characters inside the XML records ESC is sending to QuickBooks. This typically occurs while facts are pasted from another software directly into ESC or whilst an invalid image is utilized in certain fields.

At some stage in a submit to QuickBooks, this mistake message happens:


Alternative 1:

  • Open the income menu and pick the bill listing view. Below the perspectives panel, locate the Unposted Invoices list.
  • Report the bill numbers of all unposted invoices for the length you are attempting to put up to QuickBooks.
  • Go back to the publish to QuickBooks display screen underneath the document menu and submit each invoice personally, not by duration. Retain posting invoices, in my opinion, until the error appears. This will tell you which bill has illegal characters in it.
  • Open that bill inside the sales Invoicing display screen in ESC and evaluate every line object. If any line object consists of textual content that changed into copied from outside ESC and pasted into the bill, you’ll want to take away that text and retype the statistics manually. This is to remove any hidden formatting or characters copied and pasted into ESC that won’t be seen. Otherwise, search for particular characters or symbols that can be used inside the Description of an item (something aside from standard punctuation marks).
  • As soon as the invoice has been corrected, resave the invoice.
  • Return to the QuickBooks screen beneath the record menu and put up that invoice to QuickBooks. That invoice must now publish with no errors or disruptions. You can now post other invoices to QuickBooks as you normally would. If the mistake takes place once more, repeat this procedure till every bill has been correct.

Option 2:

  • To fix this issue, the unlawful characters need to be removed from the XML circulation. To do this, entire the following instructions on the laptop that tried to put up invoices to QuickBooks.
  • Open the start menu or start display screen in home windows and kind in %APPDATA% after entering.
  • While the utility facts folder seems on the display screen, open the ESC folder from the list.
  • Delete the QBXML.Log record from the contents of this folder.
  • Try to publish to QuickBooks again. It should create the same mistakes. Click on ok to shut.
  • If connecting to QuickBooks through the ESC Accounting Server, the ESC patron will hang. Use project manager to cease this system, after which restart it.
  • The QBXML.Log report could have regenerated in the utility DataESC directory upon attempting to put up. Open the QBXML.Log file and think about the last entry. It’ll show the transaction that brought about the mistake.
  • Open that record in ESC and search for unlawful characters. Take away them and resave the document.
  • Strive the submit again.
  • Repeat steps 1 – 6 if extra mistakes appear. Do this until the submit works properly.

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