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5 Major Windows 11 New Features and Changes

From the leaked Windows 11 build and now Microsoft has even showcased the new settings app which you can see looks a lot cleaner with a new theme section and other options. There’s also the new action center which looks cool and there’s also the new notification center but you know what apart from this, new revamped UI that Windows 11 brings. The new features are also super interesting so in this article, we’re going to take a look at the five new features and changes that Windows 11 brings.

  1. new start menu
  2. rounded corners
  3. new animations
  4. widgets etc.

First Up is the Brand-new Microsoft Store

We know it was coming, and finally, it is here, since you will be aware that it comes with a new style and user interface that works for hand in hand with the entire new contemporary windows 11. It’s claimed to be quicker and more responsive, now I’m going to need to do something, and sure, the search is said to be better, but what’s the big deal? Is this new Microsoft store going to make it possible for all sorts of applications to be the most advanced and most crucially win32 conventional programmers like Adobe or Chrome browsers?

Microsoft displayed the Windows Store’s adobe Creative Cloud so maybe more applications will come. Now, this also makes sense because developers can choose to use Microsoft’s payment systems or their own and they don’t have to give any cuts to Microsoft that is awesome and this will mean that we’ll finally have a usable Microsoft store. I am hoping now another thing I noticed is that the Microsoft stores entertainment tab will now list movies and shows from different platforms so, it can be a great one-place solution yeah, I can’t wait to check this out.

Windows 11 is also taking away one big advantage. Chrome OS has had and has support for android apps first of all android apps will be available from the Microsoft store which is a huge advantage. As you know, Microsoft uses the Amazon app store so that Android apps may be installed on windows 11. I’m happy about how Android applications are working on Windows 11, anyway.

Well, Microsoft uses IT technology to ensure that these apps are seamless and pleasant. As you can see now, ticks run on windows 11, and like many others in the windows application, they may be snapped in windows 11 exactly like that. For the Task Bar start menu, you may pin android applications. You may use them on your computer as your usual app.

Different Snap Layouts

Layouts are based on screen size and resolution and this is quite nice, but what is amazing is that even when you move to another program, the windows remember these layouts, and you will notice these snap groups in the taskbar which allow you to open your layouts fast. Now, windows also remember how amazing they are, when you have a snap layout on a separate monitor screen so that if you log on to the other windows 11, the snap layout you use on that screen automatically will also be much better except for snap desktops from windows 11.

First of all, you can now personalize them with different apps and different wallpapers to give all of them a very unique look for example here’s a desktop for a home for school for work and even for the game now. This is awesome and I can personally see myself using this feature.

Microsoft teams are now integrated into Windows 11

RIP skype as you can see there is now a team’s icon in the taskbar and you can just click that to open up this chat list yeah, it’s very simple now you can click on a contact and make a call or even accept a call easily. Today we have teams on our platform that are so wonderful, but many people utilize Zoom, google me, etc. You can use them even for text-level usage now. So yes, due to this windows integration it will be fascinating to watch whether people go to teams more.

Windows 11 is also having a big update for gamers

I mean the Xbox series of Microsoft x and s features are brought into PC. Firstly, there is a new function, Auto HDR, which updates games in improved lighting and bright colors automatically.

Well, here’s what I’m talking about here’s Skyrim running in SDR and auto HDR side by side and you can

see the difference in colors right now this will work in not only Skyrim but a lot of other games, games like age of empires, rocket league, doom 64, and a lot more. Now auto HDR will probably be supported in devices that have HDR support or if you have a monitor that has HDR support.

Another cool feature is direct storage

Which are games loading assets on the GPU which means game launching speed and loading times are a lot faster.

Lastly, the Xbox app is also deeply integrated into Windows 11 and pcs will also support the Xbox cloud gaming service. So, you’ll be able to stream games directly from the pc which is awesome apart from all these cool features

These are the windows 11 requirements

As you can see 4GB ram is required and so is a 64GB chipset. you can also download the new pc health checkup app that lets you know if the device will support the Windows 11 update.

Well, if you ask me overall, I like the changes and features that Windows 11 brings. I mean I like the new revamped UI. It looks modern and I like the new features especially the snap and desktop features. Which you know seems useful but I don’t know your favorite windows 11 features so comment down below and also share this article.

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