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Best Tech Tools for Small Business Owners

There are numerous inventive ways to use technology to assist in the operation of a small business. Because small businesses typically have limited financial and human capital, it is critical for owners to look for ways to use technology to maximize the resources they have.

These tools should empower any small business owner to stay at the top of their game. There are plenty of tools to choose from, and many, if not most of them, are available in free and paid versions. The large number of software and apps available can make the choice a difficult one, so here’s a list of the best tech tools for small business owners that are a great place to begin with.

Top 6 Best Tech Tools for Small Business Owners

1. Asana

Now, what are some of the things that you may be doing if you’re a startup business? Well, probably managing tasks via sticky notes. That’s a huge one. Right? So your tasks are either on apiece of paper or they’re just in your head, or maybe they’re written down on your phone, but there’s no real way of sharing tasks with your team. So one of the most important pieces of technology for a startup business to implement is a shared task management system.

For that purpose, a task management system called Asana that can be used because it’s free to get started with and is super easy to use. Moreover, it works on the mobile, and you can share it with 15 people on a team on the free plan to get the basics done on that.

2. Last Pass

The second in our list is a tool called Last Pass. This tool is great for those small business owners who are logging into multiple online platforms on a daily basis. You know, when you’re logging into your Shopify account and then Click Funnels and then Ship Station and then Sephora and then Amazon and then Old Navy. Your brain is exploding because you’re like, Oh, what’s the password? What’s the email that I used?

Well, now the creators of Last Pass have made it so easy for us. Last Pass, keeps everything all together, and it’s free. Yes, they do have an upgrade for $3, but you don’t need it. Just get the free one for you daily business needs.

3. Trello

So the third, second one is called Trello. This tool is most suitable for rapidly growing businesses. Why, because when you start building your business, and you’re like, Oh I got these colors and I got this logo, and I’ve got all these website media and much more. Then a week later, you’re like, Oh, what’s my brand color? Where do I find my logo? Where do I find this? What about that idea, or this idea?

So Trello helps you organize everything. Now there’s a lot of free videos that you can watch on how to use Trello.  It lets you put all of your stuff together in one place, so that you can find it really easy. Moreover, it’s not like you’re trying to dig through emails, or all this other stuff, trying to find what you created a week ago, or a month ago, or a year ago, it’s all in one spot.

4. Onsurity

The next one is a platform that lets you manage your Employee Health and Well-Being plans in one place. When it comes to Employee Healthcare, a small business owner has to put the key health needs in first place. Having all the healthcare products like Group Health Insurance, Doctor Consultation, Medicines Ordering on one platform can simplify the complicated process of managing the healthcare plan.

Your healthcare plan should never be restricted to yourself, which is why the Onsurity app allows you to add your family members to the plan easily. The app is free to download after you have opt-in to one of their plans.

5. Google Docs

If you are still stuck with MSN, AOL, Yahoo account then it is time to move on to the latest email providers. Those email providers are like your hair in the 80s, and they have not updated even in 2021. What I would recommend is to get a Gmail account. The deliverability of everything, is just gonna flow so much better. Moreover, it is perfectly integrated with Google Docs, which is the best part about the Gmail account. You can upload pictures, you can upload documents and files and whatever you need for your business.

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Furthermore, you can share the link with someone else in your team easily. So instead of having to write an email and then upload a big, huge file that’s gonna crash someone’s email. I would just send a link to the appropriate Google Doc file. Get a Gmail account if you haven’t already.

6. Wave

If your bookkeeping needs more than just keeping track of receipts, consider using Wave. This is a small business-friendly tool that can be used for simplifying Accounting tasks. There are two versions available: free and paid. With the free version, invoices and receipts can be easily created into the system, and the accounting and reporting functionality are also utilized properly. The paid version offers you everything else such as a direct deposit payroll and other payment integrations.

Wave is not a substitute for an actual accountant, but it is certainly a great tool for small business owners with free features that can help you balance books.

That is all from the list of the best tech tools for small business owners which will help in smooth running of a business. The above tools not only assist in managing your show, but can also contribute to your entire business, even if it’s just by freeing up more time. You can also find a number of other tools for one-off purposes that can simplify your life far too much.

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