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How is Writing Guest Article Beneficial To the SEO Web Editor?

It’s decided, you too enter the blogosphere and want to unravel all its mysteries! Writing for the web is exhilarating, but it contains its own codes and practices. Before gaining organic traffic and seeing your site display an insolent notoriety, you will have to take a few steps. Guest Article writing is one of them. For this, determining your preferred niche and making the right choice of key query is not enough. It may be wise to know how to surround yourself to build the ideal partnership that will get your web journal off the ground. Choosing to write for another blogger can be fruitful, in many ways. Yes, but which ones?

Define the principle of Guest Article Writing (Blogging)

If you happen to consult blogs regularly, it will not have escaped you that guest articles are more present than we think. Indeed, it is a practice frequently used by website administrators. This consists of writing, on a voluntary basis, an article destined to be published on a digital notebook other than one’s own, in other words on that of a host blogger on multiple social media platforms with the help of social media verification service.

This practice has many advantages, for both the host of the article and the writer. However, this exercise cannot be improvised. It is part of a real content marketing and SEO strategy. It is therefore not a question of soliciting an entrepreneur at random, under the sole pretext that he is kind enough to host many guest articles. There must be some consistency between the proposed content and that of the site hosting the guest article.

To do this, the author of the post must develop his action plan upstream. This is based on the following lines of reflection:

  • define the niche in which he wishes to bring his expertise;
  • identify his persona, i.e., the ideal profile he wants to target;
  • determine the person(s) who share the same values;
  • analyze the notoriety they enjoy and the relevance of the subject to be treated.

To the extent that these points are clarified in advance, the use of guest blogging can quickly pay off and everyone benefits.

Make Your Mark by Writing a First Guest Article

Keeping your blog active is an exciting activity, but also time-consuming. Many site owners find it difficult to stay consistent in their content posts. Thus, welcoming guest articles is the providential solution to bring a new look to their theme.

For an aspiring editor, offering a guest article is a godsend. This is an opportunity for this lover of words to inscribe his first lines on the canvas. This experience then confronts him with the briefing of a client, the constraints of a commercial relationship and in fact, the requirements expected for a professional blog (or not).

Writing guest articles offers the opportunity to show your talent, but also your ability to adapt. It also allows you to diversify your writing topics before choosing to specialize in a specific niche.

Benefit From the Host Blogger’s Feedback

By writing a guest article, the novice or self-taught web editor has an extremely formative experience. This is all the more confirmed if he has the chance to collaborate with someone who will make himself available and appreciate the sharing of experience.

Of course, this is not always the case. Editors using contributors are often themselves very busy with their activity. As a result, there are many sites that have made hosting guest articles their hobbyhorse. All themes combined; we can mention:

  • blogdumodé;
  • etc.

It should be noted that proposing a guest article to one of these media does not necessarily imply their acceptance. Any contributor should be vigilant about the quality of the content submitted. It is up to him to consult the editorial line of the host site and to comply with it, under penalty of seeing his text refused.

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Build Your Portfolio of Quality Guest Articles

Whatever his professional goals, this French language expert has every interest in building a portfolio. He must list the URLs of his best writings. To do this, writing guest articles posting for various sites is the perfect way. Indeed, relying on guest blogging makes it possible to deal with an infinite variety of topics. Thus, a portfolio composed of quality texts is the ideal CV if he wants to start freelancing. The novice author can demonstrate his talents through articles:

  • long-distance;
  • Optimized;
  • Scientific;
  • topical;
  • Technical;
  • etc.

There is no need to focus on quantity over quality. To play its role effectively, the portfolio must offer content with high added value.

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Be part of a natural referencing strategy

For an SEO web editor who owns a site himself, writing guest articles is a significant lever to boost his traffic. By offering relevant content to an influential blogger, the contributor takes the opportunity to establish his legitimacy and expertise in a specific field.

Similarly, if the guest article satisfies the host’s readership, it’s a safe bet that the host wants to know more about the volunteer writer. In this way, the latter reaches a wider audience and significantly increases its visibility.

It should be remembered that guest blogging is not just a matter of philanthropy. The guest article, although free, is the subject of a real commercial relationship whose interest is common to both parties. It is common to observe this practice as part of a net linking strategy. Making a written contribution to a renowned web entrepreneur involves receiving in exchange a backlink of choice to your own web journal. The guest author then benefits from his “juice”, in other words his natural referencing potential, and thus improves that of his own site.

Enrich Your Professional Network Through the Exchange of Volunteer Articles

Finally, writing guest articles for others has one last undeniable advantage: that of enriching one’s professional network. When it comes to net linking, the basis for an effective partnership starts with the sharing of common values.

It goes without saying that contributing to the content of another site does not seem very profitable. The exercise takes time and it is not remunerated. Be careful, it is not lost. The beginnings of these collaborations can give rise to other juicy projects. Thus, a volunteer article can create a real need and evolve into a monetizable mission. If this is not the case, this experience at least has the merit of fostering word-of-mouth and promoting the talents of the guest author.

It seems that all work deserves pay! At first glance, the guest article is not really evocative of the saying. On the other hand, by taking a closer look, it is easy to see all the benefits of this practice. A formative experience, a better referencing of his site, a great pro network and bonus: a beautiful portfolio all dapper, ready to be drawn for optimal prospecting. And you, how did you experience writing your guest articles? What did they bring to your SEO web copywriting journey?

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